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Find My Phone
Find My Phone

Track with SMS

Find My Phone app is a SMS base application. It takes SMS commands and respond via SMS or Email. When you first install, set the password for the app and an Email account. Find My Phone need an Email account to send out emails. So insert a valid email address, it's password and confirm the email password. You can edit them by clicking on Setting button. Following is a list of commands and their short description.

1. loc SMS location if the phone, traveling speed and direction.
2. call lost phone will call to the phone you texting
3. ring ring the phone loud
4. deletecall delete call log
5. deletesms delete SMS log
6. emailAudio1 record and email 1 minute audio file.
7. emailAudio5 record and email 5 minute audio file.
8. emailAudio10 record and email 10 minute audio file.
9. emailSmsLog email SMS log.
10. getCalls SMS short call log.
11. emailCallLog email call log.
Once password set, each commend has to be prefixed with the password. For example if you set the password to be 123, loc command should be 123loc.
This is a great application to find your phone, track your kids. they wouldn't know that you track them. All text messages get deleted so they don't note of it. If phone is on the move, you will get the traveling speed along with the location. Please CHANGE THE PASSWORD FIRST for your protection.

Track using web

When find my phone installed on a phone you can track the phone using this web site. First you have to go to new user and create an account. while creating a account make sure to add the phone number on the same format it appears on the server setting page of the find my phone application. You can enable disable tracking by checking unchecking Enable Tracking checkbox. When someone added your phone to their tracking list, it will appears on the tracking request list on the server Setting screen. You can allow or disallow sharing our location with requester by checking or unchecking tracking request checkbox.

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