We at LankaBreeze value convenience for our customers. This is why we have put up a site that lists essential products such as important grocery items that can be good gifts to Sri Lankans without the hassle. With just some clicks online, any Sri Lankan living anywhere in the world can truly enjoy buying grocery items among other things without even being physically in Sri Lanka. This is what we wanted to achieve when we established the company using the latest technology – we wanted convenience in buying to be achieved.

Our main aim is to create a centralized venue for Sri Lankans who would wish to send gifts to their loved ones living anywhere in the world and at the same those who are living outside Sri Lanka can buy the products that they need without physically going to Sri Lanka for the same reason. We want to eliminate the physical distance discrepancy between any Sri Lankan and the item that they want to buy. This is through cutting that distance by enlisting all the items that they need on our site for them to buy.

Our mission as a company is to ensure all our customer transactions will be as swift as possible and no hassles will be experienced. Any kind of transaction that we put in place has the main aim of ensuring customer satisfaction because of fast transactions and our ultimate offering of same-day deliveries. All of these are being offered fully and without hesitation to any customer that would want to avail of our services.

All in all, we want to create a friendly atmosphere that unifies people all around the world and supports Sri Lankan products, among others. We only sell products from local Sri Lankan vendors so our customers can be assured of competitive prices on all the items that we sell on the site. Using our site for their essential needs not only gives them a satisfying service with fast transactions, same-day deliveries, and competitive prices; they will also contribute to creating a healthy community of people reaching Sri Lankans all over the world, and cutting their distances away from home. There is nothing more Sri Lankan than that and we want our customers to realize that as much as we do.

For more information on our products and services as well as the upcoming items that we will soon make available, please feel free to contact us anytime.